1. Careless Noise

Written, recorded and produced by John McCabe. ©2018 Shelf Talker Music (ASCAP).

John McCabe - Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Lou Dobbs - Drums


I thought I'd never get to live in this quiet space
Never mind all the careless noise I created

Blow out the candles, it won't take too long
Don't take time to blink, now
Another year is long gone
Teeter from the tightrope
Routine interrupted

We took for granted that everything would be in place
Come to find out we all miscommunicated


It only took six year to screw my head on straight
Parts of me want to stay in the moment and not look back

Take another deep breath
You've been here before
One more year older
The distance across the road
Wipe your tears away
Don't get interrupted