John McCabe

Musician / Artist

The artist T. Nem Hackett turned me on to punk rock and I am forever indebted to him for that. Having grown up in the circumference of Meat Puppets territory in Phoenix, AZ, I was not to become aware of them until it was nearly too late.  My formative years had me in a decade long Grateful Dead coma. T. Nem and punk rock pulled me from that.  

I initially started playing music, during my college years, on the streets and coffee shops (Steep 'n Brew) of Madison, WI with Dave - an elderly homeless guitar player from Kentucky. A duo. 

Nem and I later started 'The Shelf Talkers' in Boston in the late 80's and managed to record one 1/4" tape 4-track tune called "On The Road" 

Ten years ago I cobbled together a makeshift home studio and began recording demos, which led to my first Studio EP, 2017's 'Flower Circle', recorded and produced by John Kimbrough (Walt Mink, Teen Judge).  In May, 2019 I released my follow up EP, 'These Years', working with the same production team and musicians at Janky East.  

On September 17th, I released my 3rd EP: 'What For'.  Recorded in the Orange Room, Laguna Niguel, CA, mixed by El Kabong and Mastered by Jason Deift.  

In late 2019, I co-founded a trio, Good at Rockets, with Joel Cassara. Just as we were getting lift off, the global pandemic hit, but we will be begin recording our first EP in October.